Big Red Classic 2019
Tournament Leaderboard
March 1, 2024, 5:46 am Mode:   Scrolling | Static
Place Boat Name Day 1 Fish Day 1 Weight Day 2 Fish Day 2 Weight Total Points
Womens Division
1Blue Boat589.740.00139.74
2Bigger Bill$580.180.00130.18
3On The Line568.940.00118.94
4EZ Limits567.000.00117.00
5Born To Winn565.180.00115.18
6Tooling Around561.700.00111.70
7Reel Talk558.040.00108.04
8Fishing Pols557.140.00107.14
9Best Chance Too554.680.00104.68
11The One550.240.00100.24
13Sarah J III547.720.0097.72
14Anchor Management547.440.0097.44
15Big Spreads547.220.0097.22
16On The Fly546.740.0096.74
17Bachelor One542.740.0092.74
18Flipn And Fishin540.620.0090.62
19On Call539.880.0089.88
20Running Erin’s 2.0448.880.0088.88
22True Blue538.480.0088.48
23Shock Therapy528.240.0078.24
26Fish Napper430.000.0070.00
27Char N Time428.860.0068.86
28Playing Hooky425.280.0065.28
29Changing Directions315.480.0045.48
30REEL Friction27.120.0027.12
Big Fish
Boat Name: On The Line   Weight: 27.36 lbs